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The Face Yoga Secret

Video on demand course "20 minutes by face yoga"

Video on demand course "20 minutes by face yoga"

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In this video course I propose you 20 minutes of face yoga exercises According to Danielle Collins' method.

Video of Face Yoga course

Watch the preview of my first video on demand of face yogaAnd if you like it, buy the complete course.


It is a 25 minutes video In which I propose 20 minutes of exercises and facial massages to tone the muscles, relax the skin, reduce wrinkles and improve the color of the skin of the whole face.

You will have available 7 sections: Front, eyes, cheeks, lips, chin, neck, relaxation. In each of these sections some very effective, pleasant and delicate exercises are presented.

In addition, I added 5 minutes of exercises for you that I recommend that you practice both at the beginning and at the end of the session. These are heating and stretching exercises for the shoulders and neck, lymphatic drainage massages, postural indications and breathing exercises.

When to practice face yoga?

The ideal frequency with which to practice this complete routine is to 6 days a week for 20 minutes a day. However, if you do not have this time available you can dedicate yourself every day to one or two different areas of the face and maybe carry out the whole routine on the weekend.

 Remember that constancy is the key to the results.

The Face yoga It is a delicate discipline and suitable for everyone, if you have health or skin problems and if you take drugs regularly, I invite you to talk to your doctor before starting to practice face yoga.

Buy your course video

Following the purchase of the video course you will receive:

 1) a Link not in the YouTube list That will allow you to view the video every time you want it.

Content of the video course:

  • Introduction

  • Pre- and post-training exercises: postural indications, breathing exercises, neck and shoulders exercises, lymphatic drainage massages

  • Facial exercises and massages: front, eyes, cheeks, lips, chin, neck, relaxation




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