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Our mission is to create beauty and serenity, self-esteem and happiness.

  • Lago, donna di spalle che guarda il lago al tramonto.

    The natural secret of beauty

    Face yoga is a natural discipline that through facial exercises and facial massages, acupressure and relaxation will make you discover a new state of health, wellbeing and beauty.

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  • Paesaggio in Islanda. Una strada che si snoda tra i cespugli, sullo sfondo montagne in estate.

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Not sure on how to start with Face Yoga practice?

Try my on demand video course in Italian "20 minuti di Face Yoga".

20 minutes of facial exercises, massages, acupressure and relaxation.


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On demand courses

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The best method to emphasize your beauty. Inside and out.

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Face yoga, or facial yoga, is a holistic discipline that aims to enhance your inner and outer beauty, and to promote the health and well-being of your mind.

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  • Un tablet bianco affiancato a rose rosa; l'immagine sul tablet è quella del sito web The Face Yoga Secret, brand che organizza corsi per insegnanti di Yoga Facciale

    by Francesca

    "I've heard about Face Yoga but I was not sure what it was exactly. I then begin to practice with Romina and, with her enthusiasm, she introduced me to Face Yoga rituals and got me passionate about it! Romina has created a special programme for me and I realized that, with the right guide and some constancy, I could see wrinkles reduction and a special glow on my skin."

  • by Alessandro

    "I didn't beleive Face Yoga could actually work but Romina has explained me what Face Yoga is and how it works. Then she designed a set of exercises to reduce wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes. I immediatly felt an increase in the blood circulation and a relaxing feeling on my face. I loved her scientific-holistic training and the relaxed way she talked to me. I will certainly take other classes. Brava!"

  • by Anita

    "It was my first time with Face Yoga. Romina has tought me how to get into the exercises very clearly and easily. I immediatly felt at ease and comfortable with her. I could instantly feel a boost in the blood circulation of the face and at the end of the session I felt a very pleasant feeling, that lasted till the day after the session. Exercises and massages made my skin soft and smooth. I think you should practice Face Yoga everyday, because it makes the skin health and glowing and you take care of yourself. Romina is the perfetct teacher to take care of your face and your skin. I will certainly book another session with her!"

  • by Roberta

    "I'm very happy I joined Romina The Face Yoga Secret online workshop. The course was very clear and inetresting and Romina is very kind, helpful and clear. I really recommend it!"