Would you like to get certified as a Face Yoga Teacher?

Insegnante e studenti di Yoga Facciale che praticano durante un Corso per Insegnanti di  Yoga Facciale in un parco

The purchase on my website of the training courses for Face Yoga instructors is suspended.

If you are interested in subscribing to one of the Danielle Collins method training courses, visit Danielle Collins' website clicking here. When choosing your super trainer, ask me, Romina Ciaffi. In this way you will carry out your course and the exams with me in the language you prefer (Italian or English).

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Choose your training course and sign up to become facial yoga teacher. Thus you will get the qualification of the Instructor of the Face Yoga method ofDanielle Collins. The qualification will allow you to teach Face Yoga in group and individual sessions and to organize workshops all over the world.

In addition, you can add the face yoga to the services and classes you already offer to your customers!

Previous experience is not required.

The courses are held by me,Romina Ciaffi, the only Italian Super Trainer certified by Danielle Collins, an expert and international leader of this discipline. The courses are approved and certified byThe International Institute for Complementary Therapists AndThe International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

Professional opportunities for the facial yoga teacher

Insegnante di Yoga Facciale, Romina Ciaffi, che registra un video corso per insegnanti di Yoga Facciale

Face Yoga is a holistic discipline, whose purpose is to provide those who practice the tools to take care of their well-being and beauty in a natural and complete way. When achieving the certificate you can teach Face Yoga in individual sessions, in group courses and workshops, or you can integrate the Face Yoga in your current offer of wellbeing and beauty products and courses. If you are a pilates or yoga teacher, or if you are a naturopath or a beautician, the Face Yoga proposal will enrich your offer and help your customers feel and look at their best.

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Courses to become facial yoga teacher

Quadernini colorati e pietre dei Chakra utilizzati nella pratica del journaling nello Yoga Facciale

The topics covered during the courses

The training course will deal with the following topics:

- Anatomy and physiology of the face

- The theory of face yoga

- facial exercises or facial gymnastics

- facial massages or facial automatic automatic

- Facial fasting

- Relaxation techniques

- Facial meditation

- the connection between the mind, the body and the well -being

- The safety procedures

- How to start the business

- How to teach FY to groups, individuals and workshops

Find out more about of me And it Facial yoga

Types of courses

You can choose between two types:


-Distance course

Let's deepen the two types together

Un tablet bianco affiancato a rose rosa; l'immagine sul tablet è quella del sito web The Face Yoga Secret, brand che organizza corsi per insegnanti di Yoga Facciale

Distance courses

This is the best option if you prefer to study in the comfort of the house and taking your time. It is also the perfect solution if you can't or do not want to travel. I will send you the study manual by e-mail and there are no deadline for the delivery of the written exam. The manual is accompanied by photos and videos to support your study path. At any time you can ask me for explanations and insights. After completing a minimum of 12 hours of study of the manual, you can take the written and practical exams and become Danielle Collins' yoga teacher.

The course has not set off, you can start at any time of the year. I will send you the study material the day after registration. Following the receipt of the written exam, we will set a 30 -minute zoom call: 10 minutes will be dedicated to the practical examination and the remaining time to questions and clarifications. You will receive the outcome of the examination by e-mail and later the certificate of Face Yoga instructor qualification signed by Danielle Collins. The certificate will allow you to teach - with security and professionalism - Sa Yoga courses with individuals and groups, or to integrate facial yoga to the courses or sessions that you already offer.

You can make the purchase of the course on Danielle Collins' website and request me, Romina Ciaffi, as your super trainer.

Insegnante di Yoga Facciale che insegna ad un corso one to one per insegnanti di yoga facciale al parco


The one-to-one course is the most suitable option if you learn better individually and prefer to choose a personalized date. This course can be carried out both at a distance and in the presence in Milan. I will send you the manual following the inscription and, before the meeting, you are requested a minimum study of 5 hours of the manual. The meeting will consist of 7 hours of face to face to face with me (8 hours including the lunch break). You will have a lot of time to ask questions and deepen topics.

The course did not have prefixed dates. At the end of the 7 -hour meeting, you will carry out the practical exam; After the practical exam you can fill in the written exam. I will send you the result via email. Finally, you will receive the certificate of Face Yoga instructor qualification signed by Danielle Collins.

You can teach Face Yoga classes and workshops or add the face yoga to the services you already offer.

You can make the purchase of the course on Danielle Collins' website and request me, Romina Ciaffi, as your super trainer.

Meet other Face Yoga Teachers Danielle Collins' Method

I introduce you some Face Yoga teachers Danielle Collins' method that have completed their training with me.

Daniela Masella insegnante di Yoga e di Yoga Facciale che ha svolto il corso per insegnanti di Yoga Facciale con The Face Yoga Secret

About Daniela Masella

I am a teacher of Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga Yoga Csen and Yoga Alliance Ryt 500Hrs and E-RYT 500Hrs. I started studying yoga in 2008 and I haven't stopped since then. From 2010 to 2013 I practice Iyengar Yoga in Paris in France, where I still go to time to time I go to my in -depth internships. Returning to Italy I attend withdrawal, courses and formations of Hatha, Kundalini, Anukalana and Sivananda Yoga between Rome, Bologna and Florence. Since 2017 I have been a certified teacher of Bodyflying Yoga by Stark Body Flying. In 2016 I gave life to the Ciao Yoga project, a real virtual community followed by over 21,500 followers throughout Italy, and currently I specialize in distance teaching and in the dissemination of online yoga. In 2018 I give life to the project and the "Yoga in Lis" method: yoga for deaf people. In February 2022, I obtained the international certification of Mindfulness Facilitator recognized by the International Practioners of Holistic Medecine (Iphm)And in October 2022 I am certified instructor of Face Yoga Method Danielle Collins. I continue to form and deepen the yoga, following all my masters online and live who are a light always on on my journey. Because the beauty of yoga is precisely this: you never stop discovering, learning and experimenting! Sharing with simplicity and clarity what I learn in my journey is my dharma as yoga teacher. I wait for you to practice together, you will find all my contacts and more information on my sitewww.ciaoyoga.itAnd on all my social networks, just look for hello yoga!

Giorgia Maggi insegnante di Yoga e di Yoga Facciale che ha svolto il corso per insegnanti di Yoga Facciale con The Face Yoga Secret

About Giorgia Maggi

I approached yoga about 7 years ago during a difficult period and since then yoga has accompanied my life.

After a few years of practice, I started my training as a teacher.

I trained at the Gayatri studio in Monza where I attended the two -year Yoga teacher training, the Yin Yoga teacher training course and the Yoga teachers training course for children.

Through the teaching of yoga, my desire is to help people find lasting well -being, help them slow down and transfer that awareness of the breath and on every movement of the body that we learn on the mat also in everyday life, on our emotions, On our mental schemes, on our fears.

Driven by passion for everything that is natural, I approached Face Yoga to transmit these natural techniques of rejuvenation of the face and general well -being to people.

To contact me write me: yoga.con.giorgia@gmail.com

Cinzia Cipriani

My name is Cinzia Cipriani and I am a face therapist. I have a beauty center in Siena, Tuscany. I have a 25 -year -old experience in the beauty sector and I specialized in natural rejuvenation. I created a performing method that from wonderful results on the face of customers, which uses manual skills taken from various types of oriental massages and techniques. The face yoga course represents the icing on the cake because I give customers on the exercises to do daily to maintain the results obtained with my treatments. I am very happy to have taken this course because I firmly believe in the results given by a constant face training. I firmly believe that every woman can and have to feel compelled to be full of her beauty. And this can absolutely be achieved in a natural way. My mission is precisely this. In all these years I have only studied and forming me to achieve the goal of finding and assembling the best strategies to make the most of the beauty of all women who turn to me.

My website iswww.look-spelialist.com

Telephone +39 0339 4013294

Aesthetics Bellerono

Via di Diatto n. 23 Siena - Italy