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I’m very pleased to be the first ever Danielle Collins Super Trainer in Italy. I love Face Yoga and I love teaching and sharing it with those who are in love with natural and holistic techniques and aim to always feel and look great naturally.

I’m an enthusiastic Teacher and Super Trainer of The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method, which has taught me how to deeply take care of my face and all of me.

I practice and deeply appreciate all aspects of Face Yoga, including the Wellbeing Techniques: relaxation, energising, breathing, nutrition care.

I’ve a Degree in Biology and I’m a Ph.D. in Forensic Sciences and after many years spent as a Biological Anthropologist, doing research (also on the face!) and thesis supervisor, and working on archaeological contexts, I’ve disclosed and shared my real love: beauty and wellness. My scientific and teaching background has given me an extra boost to practice, understand and teach Face Yoga in a complete and thorough way. Face Yoga is science indeed!

I’m a very passionate and dedicated teacher, I’ve a helpful attitude and I’m looking forward to share my passion of Face Yoga with everyone who feels ready to join the wonders of wellbeing.

Languages I speak: Italian and English.

Clicking the below button you will head to Danielle Collins' Method Super Trainer page, where you'll meet Danielle Super Trainers, who are spread all over the world. Moreover, you will notice that I'm the sole Italian Super Trainer certified by Danielle and able to teach her Teacher Training Courses.

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