About Face Yoga

Face Yoga is a natural discipline that helps to feel and look more beautiful and healthier.

It is based on five fundamental principles

- facial exercises

- facial massages

- acupressure

- relaxation techniques

- wellbeing techniques

The practice of face yoga makes the skin of the face smoother and toned, brightens up the complexion and enhance calm and relaxation.

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Facial exercises

Facial exercises stimulate muscle work and blood circulation.

The skin is bound to the muscles, therefore toning up the muscles guarantees a smoother skin, with less lines and less wrinkles.

A good blood circulation is decisive to provide the skin with the right contribution of nutrients and oxygen, which are responsible for a glowing complexion and a healthy skin.

In the image the book "The Face Yoga Journal" by Danielle Collins.

Facial massages

Regularly practicing facial self massage helps to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Improving these functions leads to a better complexion and a healthier skin, to a reduction of puffiness and dark circles. The activity of the massage also helps to increase the production of collagen and elastin, the trophic elements that give consistency to the skin. The skin therefore appears naturally younger and healthier.

In the image the book "The Face Yoga Journal" by Danielle Collins.


Acupressure is an eastern technique, which is based on the stimulation -through pressure with fingers- on specific points of the face. The stimulation helps to free the vital energy flow in the face. This flow will help to increase the blood circulation and to reduce the muscle tension. The result is a healthier and glowing skin.

In the image the book "The Face Yoga Journal" by Danielle Collins.

Relaxation techniques

Facial muscles relaxation technique is a very powerful method of preventing and reducing face lines and wrinkles. Learning to relax the facial muscles will decrease the tendency to squeeze the eyes, frown or tense chin area muscles. The face will appear brighter and relaxed with less wrinkles and you will feel calm and beautiful.

Wellbeing techniques

Making sure to practice all the aspects of the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method provides for the care of the body general well-being. Taking some time to relax, eating well, taking care of your self, help you to feel better, calmer, happier and more energetic. Feeling well means being and looking the best version of you.

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