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The Face Yoga Secret

Mini Bootcamp by Face Yoga - Facial Yoga program

Mini Bootcamp by Face Yoga - Facial Yoga program

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The first Mini Boot Camp of Italian Yoga Yoga.

A 6 -week Face Yoga program intensive and effective for

1) rejuvenate.

2) Learnconstancy with face yoga.

3) feel and appear more beautiful and relaxed.

By purchasing this program you will receive Every week, for 6 weeks, a link to A 10 -minute video of exercises and massages of facial yoga.

Each video will contain exercises and massages throughout the face But every week the focus will be on a face area, therefore every week you will have 3 more exercises and massages for the weekly focus area.

Weekly Focus

Week 1 - Front: mitigate and prevent wrinkles, release tensions.

Week 2 - Eyes: mitigate and prevent wrinkles around the eyes, bags and dark circles.

Week 3 - cheeks: Retrolling, define, mitigate and prevent nasolabial wrinkles, puppet wrinkles and falling cheeks.

Week 4 - Lips: reproach the orbicular muscle, mitigate and prevent the wrinkles of the barcode.

Week 5 - Mandibola: Define, release tensions, reduce and prevent puppet wrinkles and the loss of definition.

Week 6 - Neck: Reduce and prevent wrinkles and sagging of the skin, reduce and prevent the double chin, the turkey neck.

I will send you the videos in the form of links not in a list of YouTube.



Note on payment

If you are resident in Italy at the check out please enter your tax code, this will allow me to issue a regular tax invoice.

Terms and conditions: it will be possible to request the reimbursement of the purchase within 5 days of receipt of the link of the video of the first week.

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