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The Face Yoga Secret

Facial yoga: courses registered on demand - Bundle

Facial yoga: courses registered on demand - Bundle

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By purchasing this bundle you will receive 4 links to

4 Facial Yoga lessons

Each lesson is special and there will be a perfect one for every moment of your day, from morning to evening.

The total duration of the lessons is 150 minutes: two and a half hours of well -being, health and beauty, two and a half hours dedicated only to you (and some friend if you want to invite her to participate in your special moments of facial yoga!).


By purchasing the bundle you will have access to:


1) The lesson Evening of facial relaxationOf 30 minutes

This is the recording of the much -loved live lesson "Face Yoga Evening De-Stress Class 10". In the evening sessionYou will relax your face muscles And you will download the tensions of the day, on the face and neck.


2 and 3) Two lessonsMorning muscle awakening, each of 30 minutes

These are the recordings of the super toning lessons of Saturday morning: "Saturday Morning Booster 2 and 3". The Saturday Booster was born with the idea of ​​awakening the eyes, face and body to start your day with an extra sprint in your face.


4) The Top Seller lesson:"Higher eyelid and falling eyebrows", 60 minutes

With this lessonYou will train the whole face, starting from the forehead to get to the neck, with a special focus on the eyebrows and on the upper eyelids.

I will send you the videos in the form of links not in a list of YouTube.




Remember that facial yoga is not just facial exercises and does not aim exclusively on the rejuvenation of the face. The constant practice of facial yoga will make you feel sure of you, your face, in full control of your facial expressions. It will make you appreciate your face and make you feel better in your skin. You will be reborn with the facial awareness you miss.

Before buying the bundle make sure you have the determination necessary to start a constant practice. It is only with a constant practice that you will ensure optimal results on your face, on your body, your mind.




By purchasing the Bundle of Facial Yoga Yoga Lessons you will receive 4 links and you can access the lessons every time you want.




The value of the bundle is 45.00 euros.

Now you can buy it at 50%.

Don't miss this opportunity to love yourself and your skin.




Instructions for the practice of facial yoga

I remind you to have Clean hands and face, to keep a Oil or a face cream And A cream outline cream handy. Finally, keep a close to you glass of water to drink during the session.

Face Yoga is a very delicate discipline, suitable for everyone, if you have Health or dermatological problems, please talk about the possibility of practicing face yoga with your doctor before participating in the session.

During the practice you should always receive pleasant positive sensations, if it were not so I invite you to stop the execution of the exercise and resume with the next.

Good face yoga!



Note on payment

If you are resident in Italy at the check out please enter your tax code, this will allow me to issue a regular tax invoice.

Terms and conditions: following the reception of the links, the reimbursement of the purchase can no longer be issued.

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