The three pillars of a healthy life with yoga for the face and yoga for the body

When you approach holistic and natural disciplines such as yoga - in any of its style and shape - it is very important to start from the idea that the benefits of yoga are connected to a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Often this assumption intimidates, because we think who knows what you have to do to have a healthy lifestyle and maybe the mind immediately goes to images of sad celery centrifuged centrifuged centrifuged centrifuged centrifuged or infinite minutes of outdoor walks quickly.

But in reality everything is much simpler, and if you are following your path correctly towards any style or type of holistic discipline, this will happen very naturally and you will find yourself spontaneously making some choices rather than others in all the areas of your life : from power to make-up, from clothing to means of transport on which you prefer to move, from leisure to visit places.

However, there are three qualities that Ayurveda - the ancient Indian medical science - reports it as the three fundamental pillars of health and any type of healthy and balanced lifestyle. Let's see together which I am one by one and how to introduce them and respect them gradually and effort in your everyday life!


Follow healthy practices and do exercises at the same time will make them become an integral part of our lifestyle. For this I always recommend to my students to follow me in one of my yoga live online courses (https://ciaoyoga.it/ 

Face yoga 


"Moderation gives balance", choosing to be moderate in our contemporary and western world where we don't miss anything and often we have too much of everything, it can truly be the most difficult choice. Moderation voluntarily means limiting yourself without exceeding, since it is recognized that that excess - although possible - actually is of no use, if not perhaps a expenditure of energy.

But let's do some examples.

Often both in the face yoga sessions, and in the classes of my online live courses, I invite my students to practice a position or perform a maneuver on the face at 60% of their possibilities. Because? Because it is important to know how to recognize the right level and how much energy to put in that action to have the right return, rather than give yourself 100% and then feel more emptied and fatigued, also risking getting hurt. With Face Yoga this invitation is even more valid because it allows us to perform all the maneuvers to the best and more safely, receiving in return certainly more stable and lasting benefits over time. So both when you do yoga or face yoga (face yoga), you are essentially dedicating yourself to disciplines that educate you and exercise precisely to the practice of moderation, meditation and breathing (controlled inspiration and exposition).

Another point of view could be at the table with food. How many times do we eat more to satisfy our cravings than to really feed with what would be more than enough? Maybe to practice moderation at the table, next time try to take one slice of bread less or to leave more empty spaces on your plate and possibly to make an encore only if you really feel the need.

Tune in to the rhythms of nature:

The seasons but also the phases of our life, directly affect our energies and on the strength we need to bring us into balance. Often in yoga we hear that "we can all do everything" and in part it is true and correct. But the human being often forgets to contextualize this statement, specifying that it is necessary and essential to adapt our practices according to our needs.

There is a approach called Vinyoga in yoga that is based on this assumption and I talk about it more in depth in my program Hi Yoga Vinyasa for you! (https://ciaoyoga.it/ciao-yoga- 



Well, these are truly the three fundamental pillars to create your balanced lifestyle, but remember nobody can tell you for you what is healthier and more right to do. The only way is to try, calibrate and adapt according to your sensations because when you find the balance you will have no doubts: you will feel spontaneously and without any reason in particular a beautiful sense of well -being!

Seeing is believing. Namasté.

Daniela - Hi Yoga






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