Tesse and contract neck?

4 simple exercises to loosen neck tensions, improve posture, reduce wrinkles and double chin



Many of the efforts of the day end up in the neck. Be numerous hours in front of a monitor and type, type, type; bring weights, bags, suitcases; Being thesis, nervous, worried, sad are factors that contribute to stiffening, tiring and contracting the muscles of the neck. The consequences are the pains and annoyances of the neck, an incorrect posture, the wrinkles of the forehead and neck, the double chin.

In this article, and with the help of the video that I created to show you the techniques we are talking about and that you find a This YouTube link, you will discover how to loosen the tensions of the neck and how to reduce the wrinkles of the forehead, neck and double chin, in just 4 minutes a day.

Remember, however, that preventing is better than taking care, therefore, introducing these small exercises in your daily life will help you avoid reaching states of great tension of the neck and shoulders.

 Neck tensions and the beauty of the face

 A relaxed neck is also essential for the beauty of the face. In fact, a tense and painful neck determines an incorrect posture of the face, neck and shoulders. Furthermore, incorrect posture is responsible for the formation of the double chin, of the wrinkles of the neck and forehead.

 Below you will find the description of the 4 exercises that will instantly allocate your neck tensions.

 As you practice them, however, listen to your body and respect your movement range. Do not overdo it with the breadth of the movements, the practice must be pleasant and never painful. Remember to turn to your trusted doctor if you suffer from acute pain and struggle to move your neck.


4 exercises to loosen neck tensions

Breathing is always nasal, unless it is specified differently. 

Sit on a chair and place your feet on the ground or sit on a cross -legged mat.

Stretch the column upwards. Imagine a thread that pulls you upwards from the top of your head. Relax your shoulders and open the chest. The back muscles are relaxed.

  1. He brings his right ear to his right shoulder while I inspire, go back to the center while I exhale and brings his left ear to his left shoulder as he inspires. Repeat the sequence 7 times.
  2. He brings the chin to his chest while I inspire, he returns to the center exhaling and brings the chin to the sky inspiring. Repeat the sequence for 7 repetitions.
  3. Bring the chin to the chest and then rotate the head to the right and left, imagine drawing a semicircle with the nose. Repeat 8 times. At the eighth repeat the circle with the nose, first in one direction, 8 times and then in the other, for another 8 times. Breathing is free.
  4. Bring the left hand to the right knee, rotate to the right with the column, the chin is parallel to the floor, the look goes beyond the right shoulder. He inspires and expands 2 times, then returns to the center and repeat on the other side.

 Perform these simple exercises every day, even in the absence of tensions, and you will immediately feel the benefits in the neck and shoulders. You will perceive a particular lightness in these areas of your body and you will feel more relaxed*.

 Comment on the article or write to me to make me know your impressions.

See you soon.


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