Stress, face yoga and the wrinkles of the forehead

Like facial yoga can come to your aid, deleting wrinkles on the forehead

The stress, that is, any condition that removes you from your inner and external comfort and balance area, can have many causes and many effect.

The symptoms of stress For example they can originate from problems personal, working, family or economic. Stress can also derive from Life habits Not optimal (like little rest, alcohol abuse and bad diet).

The Effects of stress On our body they are numerous and range from psychological effects to physical effects. Body problems and annoyance in the eyes are the first stress indicators, as is the lowering of the immune defenses.

Stress is a non -negligible contributing of the formation of face wrinkles, from the loss of brightness of the complexion, of a state of dehydration and of bad circulation.

Due to stress, the face and the eye contour They age early and quickly. A fatigue and stressed it is reflected in a face face, tense and frowning, which then translates into wrinkles and lines horizontal and vertical forefront, around the nose and lips.

Relax at Lake Garda. Bardolino lakefront.

Practicing Face Yoga helps prevent and treat wrinkles on the forehead and the sadly known chicken legs.

Practice it Facial yoga and inspire to his Principles of Holistic Wellness helps tone the face muscles and to relax the skin and wrinkles, maintains the nourished, hydrated and drained, improves well -being and relaxation of the mind and body.

Here are 5 secrets to fight the effects of stress on the face, body and mind:

1. Do face yoga exercises to cancel wrinkles on the forehead

2. Choose proper nutrition

3. Relaxed

4. Exercise

5. sleep well


 1. Do face yoga exercises to cancel wrinkles on the forehead

Some exercises D Face yoga they can help you prevent and reduce wrinkles and forehead lines. Watch the exercises for the forehead on YouTube.

to) Massage the forehead With the fingertips of the fingers, starting from the center of the forehead to the temples: repeat for 30/60 seconds.

b) Create a hook with the indexes And massage the forehead with the knuckles of the indices, alternating the fingers. Part from the point between the eyebrows and arrives at the stacked of the hair: repeat for 30/60 seconds.

c) with the hook indexes, as in exercise B), massages the forehead starting from the point between the eyebrows and following one diagonal line left and then to the right: repeat for 30 seconds per side.

d) Sit down comfortable, place your hands on the thighs, close your eyes, Breathe deeply. Focus on the muscles of the forehead And relaxal. Imagine that the muscles are melted, that the wrinkles disappeared, that the skin of the face relaxes. It remains in this imagination all the time you want and during the day she recalls this feeling of relaxation.

2. Choose proper nutrition

Keep a healthy (adequately rich in water, vegetables, fruit, legumes, eggs, fish, meat) helps to take care of themselves and fight the effects of stress and skin aging.

3. Relaxed

Dedicate a little Time to yourself: take a relaxing bath with fragrant salts, spread one face mask As you listen to the music you love, or meet a friend of the heart. Relax as you prefer and you will be immediately better.

4. Exercise

Every day you make a little sport and a little passes of Time in the open air. Choose the sport you prefer and do not neglect to practice it, even for a few minutes a day. Take a walk in nature or a bicycle ride.

5. sleep well

Lends particular care at the hours of night rest. Try to carry out relaxing activities before going to sleep and avoids using electronic devices. Try to go to bed always at the same time and sleep about 8 hours a night.

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