How to prevent eye bags and circle under the eyes with face yoga

Lymphatic massages and facial exercises can help reduce bags, dark circles and swelling around the eyes

Bags under the eyes, wrinkles, dark circles and swelling around the eyes represent the consequence of stagnation of interstitial liquid and therefore are the product of inefficient lymphatic circulation and a lack of tone of the facial musculature. The causes of this inefficiency can be manifold: among these, the main ones are poor physical movement, bad posture, insufficient hydration, skin laxity and lacking sleep quality.

Practicing facial or yoga gymnastics regularly can help reduce bags, dark circles, swelling in the eye area and chicken legs. In particular, in order to implement the activity of the lymphatic system, the face yoga proposes lymphatic massages dedicated to the neck and face and facial exercises aimed at toning facial muscles, the reactivation of lymphatic circulation and blood vessels.

In this YouTube video I propose a short routine to be included in your daily life. My advice is to practice it twice a day, ideally when you wake up and before going to bed.

Bags, dark circles and facial massage tools

In order to encourage the lymphatic circulation of the face, it is advisable to use tools, or tools, massage such as Massage Globes, Gua Sha, Kansa Wand, Jade Mushroom and Jade Roller. If you want to know more about the use of beauty tools, Read this article on my blog And Watch my video on YouTube.

9 things to do to reduce bags and dark circles

In conclusion, to obtain a satisfactory reduction of bags, dark circles and swelling, it is strongly recommended to pay attention to the following habits:

  1. Practice lymphatic massages
  2. Practice facial gymnastics
  3. Refresh the eye area with fresh compresses
  4. Drink water regularly, which improves skin hydration
  5. Eating healthy foods, fruit and vegetables
  6. Practice sports, bike, walk
  7. Sleep a sufficient number of hours
  8. Avoid being long periods in static positions
  9. Use Beauty Tools (or face massage tools).

When you practice face yoga, remember to remove make -up and cleanse the skin well, use an oil or a face cream that respect your skin type, always look in the mirror when you do the exercises, in order to avoid training of wrinkles or lines during practice.

Share your results with me and offer other themes by writing an email or writing a comment on the blog.

If you want to deepen and create a personalized routine for your needs, Book private advice with me

Good face yoga!


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