Facial yoga and face posture

Facial yoga is not just facial gymnastics That is, it is not just muscle toning of the face and neck. Facial yoga is much more. It is a discipline that must be structured within yours mindset and yours daily routine. Only in this way will you see the results.

Facial yoga and mindset

Face yoga It is a holistic discipline that consists of toning exercises, elasticizing, toning and lymphatic drainage automotive, fasting, posture, relaxation of the body and mind.

To make sure you reach the Better results In your path in facial yoga you should incorporate this discipline, not only in yours Routine of beauty and skincare, but also in yours mindset and therefore in yours daily.

The Facial yoga it should become yours ally and yours landmark in Wellness choices which you do every day.

For example, before eat you hate drinking You could stop something to think if what you are about to take is greet and suitable for you; Every day you could ask you if you do enough physical activity or if you use cosmetics product Good with your skin.

But not only.

What is equally important in achievement of the objectives of the practice of facial yoga is checking the posture at rest, not only of the body, but also of the face

Facial yoga and importance  awareness

You want to see i real results On your face, you want to see yours toned skin And less falling, the wrinkles that decrease, a healthier complexion and yours mood that improves? 

Then we have to work on the awareness, on the mindset, on the determination and on the Costanza.

In fact, a fundamental step in achievement of the best version of you It is theacquisition of awareness on your face and body: in particular the awareness of posture. I'm talking not only of the body posture but also of the face posture

From an early age we are used to hearing us, both at school and at home, 'you are straight with your back', we are less used to hearing to hear 'check the posture of the face'. 

If you are reading this article it means that you really want to work on yourself and your appearance, so I recommend you look in the mirror -without judging or criticizing you- and observe the Attitudes of the face muscles which create tensions and consequently wrinkles and asymmetries, and the Body attitudes That make you lose your body alignment which, if sought and maintained, makes us beautiful, young, sure of us, attractive and worthy of admiration and note. 

Looking in the mirror -with a positive approach- You will acquire awareness necessary to achieve the health and beauty objectives that you have set yourself. You will be able to relax the contractile muscles face, Of extend the column and of smile proud of you.

We enter more detail.

The posture of the body

The posture of the body, in particular of the shoulders, of the neck and of back, is essential to reach a Beautiful and young look of your face and neck. In fact when Look down, bringing the chin to the chest (for example when you look at the smartphone, read a book, work on the PC or the plates), Create wrinkles and folds Both on the neck and in the area of ​​the sub chin.

If this is a potion that you rarely maintain and for short periods of time, it is not harmful for you, but repeat every day and for hours this posture (and all other incorrect postures), leads to the formation of wrinkles and folds on your face And on your neck. 

Other incorrect positions are the attitudes of lateral flexion of the head, of lengthening forward of the neck, accentuation in the dorsal curve, and still others. 

In this blog we speak of beauty, but the incorrect attitudes of the column can cause health problems that require the consultation of a specialized doctor.

In summary, look at and correct the incorrect attitudes that your body has become accustomed to keeping: use awareness and gymnastics and, where necessary, contact your trusted doctor. 

Facial posture

Facial posture is the position of our face when this is at rest, it is the way we move the face muscles during the day, the way we speak, swallow, smile, chew.

Facial and body posture are the first causes of the Training of wrinkles on the face and neck and of appearance double chin. 

Constant maintenance of states of muscle contraction in the face and the repetition of facial expressions it's Primary causes of the formation of wrinkles.

The areas most interested in maintaining tensions are the forehead, eyes, lips and chin.

If you notice these chronic attitudes on your face I recommend you Check your expressions and correct them, Of work on facial relaxation and evaluate yours too stress, factor that affects a lot on the repetition of brightly corrupt expressions.

Be aware and constant, try to have a positive mindset aimed at improving you and your appearance, practice face yoga and you will see the first improvements in a short time.

How to achieve beauty goals

To achieve the objectives of improving our appearance and mind we must turn to the most suitable disciplines for this purpose: Face Yoga, Pilates, postural gymnastics and yoga.

Below is some useful links to start working on you, on your posture, your constancy and your awareness.

Video on posture and double chin

Facial relaxation video

Facial massage videos

I also recommend reading my article that deals with posture and double chin a This link.


To dedicate yourself to the practice of yoga instead I suggest you visit Daniela's websitehttps://ciaoyoga.it/


Every time you look in the mirror, do not flee, do not criticize and not look for defects in you, but look in the mirror in a positive way, looking for what can be improved and act immediately, do not wait.

Facial yoga is not only exercises and massages, facial yoga is learning to be aware of your face and knowing how to manage it better, keeping it relaxed when you don't need to contract it and training it when it is time to tone.

Perform facial exercises, facial automatic and dedicated to relaxation of the body and mind and good nutrition every day, you will see how these gestures will soon become part of your daily routine.

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