What are nasolabial wrinkles

The nasolabial wrinkles These are the folds of the skin that start from the nostrils and flow to the corners of the mouth. These wrinkles can be present on the face starting from all ages, and therefore represent a natural feature of a person's face. Often, however, they manifest themselves and then accentuate themselves over the years. The causes of the formation and deepening of the nasolabial furrow are the Gushing of the muscles and skin of the cheeks and the displacement of the adipose bearings. The cheeks forgive tone and, together with the fat bearings, go downwards, thicken the region of the nasolabial furrow and the latter deepens.

What to do to reduce and slow down the formation of the nasolabial furrow

1) practice facial massages and face yoga exercises with constancy.

 2) Remember to check the relaxation of the face muscles during the day. For this purpose I have the perfect video for you. CLICK HERE FOR Practice facial meditation.

3) keep the Hydrated and nourished skin with the most suitable products to you.

4) Drink waterfall and eating fruit And vegetables.

In my latest YouTube video I propose a routine to combat formation and mitigate nasolabial wrinkles. CLICK HERE To see the video and start practicing.

Mini bootcamp face yoga

If you don't satisfy you with short videos on YouTube and you are looking for aComplete program of face yoga, which allows you to work all over your face and that helps you with constancy in practice, I have what it is for you: the Mini Bootcamp Italia of Face Yoga.

It is 6 weeks of face yoga: every Friday you will receive a link to a video of about 10 minutes. Each video contains Facial massages and exercises for all areas of the face, but every week you will have a Focus on a particular area of ​​the face and neck (first week front and horizontal and vertical wrinkles; second week eyes and falling eyelid and chicken legs; etc.). The videos will always remain at your disposal.

Sign up now and you will receive the first video next Friday! Click here For more information on the face yoga program Mini Bootcamp.

Remember that with our practice of face yoga we do not want to be eternally young, rather we want appear healthy and happy at all ages.

Write me to suggest some theme to be explored.

See you soon !


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