Face Yoga: the anti-aging solution for self-esteem

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Face Yoga is a discipline that allows you to improve the appearance of the face and the neck e rejuvenates the skin, relaxing and illuminating it; At the same time, however, it allows you to enter into contact with yourself, to become familiar with your face and deeply appreciate what you do for yourself and the time you dedicate yourself. This anti -age process of attention and care for our body increases self -esteem And he teaches us to appreciate what we are, inside and outside. Feeling good with ourselves is the key to appear and feel best. To find out more, read it too this article.

Fa Yoga Method by Danielle Collins

The 'Face Yoga Method by Danielle Collins'what I teach, It is a method low cost that does not stop at the facial gymnastics (i.e. to the muscle toning exercises), but includes the research of a series of Wellness techniques relaxing and effective that implement our well -being and the beauty of our skin. In addition to facial gymnastics, in fact, Danielle Collins proposes facial automatic automatic, fasting exercises facial (an ancient technique of the millenary Chinese tradition), breathing techniques relaxing, facial meditation, energizing techniques And it promotes good diet and a lifestyle. Enter this world of well -being and Love for oneself, helps food self -esteem, to promote sensations of well -being, ad energize the body and mind and to make us feel and appear at best.

Costanza is the key to success

To obtain results, however, you must be constant, inserting the face yoga and its principles in the your daily routine of beauty and well -being, you must also be guided by a expert in matter. Do not rely only on Instagram reels or to YouTube videos, take a step forward and select a Effective program It is safe as the one I propose below.

Face Yoga Secret Starter Plan

My plan to bring you closer to face yoga safely and effectively is the following.

1. The practice begins with one online lesson of face yoga, single or group, live with me. Yours First group lesson is free, the following ones have a low cost and are in Promotion until 30 September 2022. Based on your possibilities, you attend a class per month, or one per week (you have no constraints, you can buy a lesson or a package to use whenever you want). This will help you to Know the face yoga and to appreciate it, in addition to seeing the first results in Improvement of your mood, in the Distance of your face and in theIncrement of your self -esteem. In these classes I propose breathing and postural exercises, Views with affirmationi to promote the Positive thought and obviously, Facial exercises and massages, the practice of fasting and facial relaxation. Don't wait to subscribe! Contact me To book your next group class, See here the next dates.

2. Look at the Promotional video of my first Video of face yoga on demand And if you like it, buy the complete course, created according to Danielle Collins 'method, '20 minutes of face yoga' on my site! It is a 25 -minute video in which I propose you 20 minutes of facial exercises and massages To tone the muscles, relax the skin, reduce wrinkles and improve the color of the skin of the whole face. In the video you have available 7 sections: front, eyes, cheeks, lips, chin, neck, relaxation. In each of these sections some very effective, pleasant and delicate exercises are presented. In addition, I added 5 minutes of exercises for you that I recommend that you practice both at the beginning and at the end of the session. These are heating and stretching exercises for the shoulders and neck, lymphatic drainage massages, postural indications and breathing training exercises. The ideal frequency with which to practice this complete routine is 6 days a week for 20 minutes. However, if you do not have this time available you can dedicate yourself every day to one or two different areas of the face and maybe carry out the whole routine on the weekend. Watch my promotional video, leave me a feedback and hurry up to Buy it until it is in promotion !

These two steps that I propose, effectively and effortlessly, will help you get closer to a state of well -being, beauty and unparalleled inner calm. Seeing is believing.

I am waiting for you !

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