6 good reasons to practice facial yoga

Facial yoga is a truly magical discipline that gives well -being and beauty to those who know how to be constant and know how to appreciate it.

The benefits of facial yoga

1. Tyon the muscles and the skin

Facial yoga through the toning exercises strengthen e reinvigorates the muscles, It relaxes the skin, Reduces wrinkles and the falling skin.

2. Rimpol the skin

The acquisition of the muscle tone and the optimization of the nourishment of the skin are mocked the skin that appears more firm and toned.

3. Destending the skin

Through the practice of automotive the skin is relaxing, the muscles relax, the expression wrinkles decrease and the face appears younger and healthy.

4. Reduces swelling

Through lymphatic drainage massages, the swelling of the face and eyes are reduced and the sensations due to swelling decreases. 

5. illuminates the complexion

Automassages increase blood circulation which determines an optimal supply of nutrients and oxygen to the skin, the complexion improves and the skin acquires brightness. 

6. Give well -being and happiness

Facial yoga is not just rejuvenation of the skin. Facial yoga is wellness, relaxation, self time, happiness and self -esteem. The time you dedicate to yourself or yourself is a real exercise of Mindfulness that improves mood and point of view.

Tips for the practice of facial yoga

In order to Optimize your facial yoga practice I advise you to...


  1. Find a facial yoga program safe and reliable, like mine Mini Bootcamp. by face yoga. The first Italian mini bootcamp. Find all the information to register for Mini Bootcamp here. 
  2. To be constant. Practice 6 days out of 7, even for a few minutes a day. Choose a moment of the specific day and do your best to respect this New daily routine. The ideal time could be the one in which you apply yours habitual skincare.
  3. Put yourself in a condition of initial calm. Sit comfortable in a quiet place, start breathing deeply, relax the face muscles. To relax the face muscles you can try with the facial meditation. TO This link You find an in -depth analysis of facial meditation.
  4. Always works with the well hydrated skin And when performing the automoting applies an oil or serum. The my favorite product It is the serum in vitamin oil and The Body Shop. You can find it at this link.

It now starts practical tattoo of facial yoga, don't postpone your appointment with beauty and well -being.

Find my videos to start with your practice on social media.

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See you soon!


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