CROW'S FEET. What to do to eliminate them

5 facial yoga exercises to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes

The chicken legs, that is, the annoying wrinkles of the eye area are signs of the years that pass caused by Loss of elasticity of the skin. With the passing of the years, in fact, the skin is less and less efficient in the synthesis of elastin and collagen and is increasingly subtle and dehydrated. All this determines the loss of the ability to recover the relaxation, after the creation of expression wrinkles. Therefore, year after year, the signs accumulate and become increasingly evident.

The Face yoga it can do a lot to prevent the formation of wrinkles and to reduce the chicken clapper wrinkles already existing through Natural methods and treatments very effective.

In this article I propose you 7 advice To improve the appearance of the skin in the eye area and 5 face yoga exercises To be performed with constancy and determination, every day of the week.

Practical tips to treat the appearance of the skin in the eye area area

1. Apply a specific product For the eye area, morning and evening. This is what I use. Also try the Collistar's eye area with hyaluronic acid with hyaluronic acid.

2. Use Patch for the eye area twice a week. I use Shaka's Eyes Mask Gold, which can be purchased by OVS.

3. Always apply sun protection on the face, Without neglecting the eye area, before leaving the house, in all seasons and in particular in the summer.

4. In case of sunny days, he always wears a couple of sunglasses And be careful not to squeeze your eyes and not to contract the features.Here are my favorite glasses

5. Drink water And you always have hydrated.

6. Do the food choices right for you.

7. Perform the Sa Yoga exercises that I propose to you in this blog and in This YouTube video

5 Facial Yoga exercises for the eye area and chicken legs

A) place the middle fingers at the apex of the nose between the eyebrows and the indices on the external corners of the eyes. Look in front of you and tie your eyes, squeezing the lower eyelids. You will feel some little ones vibrations to the external corners of the eyes and under the eyes. Repeat for 2 seconds 7 times.

B) Wrap the lips around the teeth, create a letter "O" with your mouth, place the parallel indexes on the floor on the cheeks, beat the upper eyelids. Perform the exercise for 10 seconds.

C) supports the fingertips of the indexes on the cheekbones, in correspondence of the pupils, and by the gods fast blame and light on that point for 10 seconds. Then move the 1 centimeter fingertips to the external corners of the eyes and continues to give light and fast culprits for another 10 seconds. Continues to move the fingertips and finishes the exercise before reaching the External corners of the eyebrows. You can repeat this exercise twice a day.

D) supports i Pulpastrelli of the thumbs to the external corners of the eyes and keep them there for 10 seconds. Then perform light pulsations for another 10 seconds.

E) place the fingertips of the indices at the peak of the nose between the eyes and, giving culprits, perform a circle, passing on the cheekbones, on the temples, above the eyebrows and again on the apex of the nose. Draw three circles In one verse and three rims in the other.

Perform these exercises at least Five days out of seven And you will immediately see the first results. Take a photo front and a side photo of your face before starting training and then repeat the photos every 7/10 days. In this way you can keep track of yours progress And share them with me, if you want!

Before starting your face yoga session, wash your hands and face and apply an oil or a face serum. One of the oils I use is the delicate and velvety Serum-in-oil of The Body Shop.

To start training with me follow me on Instagram come on YouTube And participate in one of my courses, online or in presence.



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