Are Facial Yoga and Beauty Tools the same thing?

Facial yoga

Let's start by saying that Face Yoga It is synonymous with Facial Yoga, Yoga Face and Yoga for the face, but it is not synonymous with facial gymnastics or facial massages.

What is Face Yoga?

Face Yoga is a complex discipline that -as indicated by the name yoga- consists in the union of different holistic techniques. The purpose of Face Yoga is to naturally increase beauty and well-being of those who practice it.

How to practice Face Yoga?

Facial Yoga is a discipline that -as for yoga and pilates- requires self-practice, either sitting, standing or lying down, preferably under the guidance of an expert and certified teacher. 

What is Facial Yoga aim?

Facial Yoga aim is to tone the muscles of the face and of the neck, to improve facial and body posture, to reduce puffiness of the face, the neck and the eyes, to prevent and reduce lines and wrinkles and to improve the mood and the general wellbeing state of those who practice it.
In order to achieve these excellent results, Face Yoga proposes toning facial exercises (i.e. facial gymnastics), facial massages, which relax and boost the lymphatic system, relaxation techniques, acupressure and wellness techniques (nutrition, relaxation breathing, quality of sleep, positive thought).

Facial yoga does not involve the use of beauty tools.

The beauty tools 

Beauty Tools or Beauty Accessories, Gua-Sha, Giada Gua Sha roller in the shape of a mushroom

The beauty tools (or beauty accessories) are tools of various forms, dimensions, materials and purposes of use, which we find on the market and, above all, online. There are very ancient ones, like the Ayurvedic Kansa Wand  and the Gua Sha of the Chinese tradition. However, there are also modern ones, such as the 3D massage rollers, the facial massage globes, the eye rollers and many more.

The use of beauty tools is not a part of Facial Yoga. To practice the techniques above described, Facial Yoga exclusively uses the muscles, of the face and the neck, and the hands. 

Facial Yoga fans are often also passionate about beauty accessories and, with the practice of both passions, they unite and implement the benefits of one and the other method.


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Good Face Yoga!


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