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3 rituals of wellness and car care

The key to natural beauty and lasting well -being

by Elisa Bohme

Holistic skin specialist

Face yoga teacher

Founder Studio Fiori di Lino Rome

Have you ever wanted to discover the secret to reinvigorate your beauty and well -being naturally?

In an increasingly frenetic world, numerous women seek a holistic approach to skin care, an alternative to invasive treatments to reconnect with nature and with themselves. According to the "Future of Wellness" survey conducted by McKinsey & Co., wellness has become crucial for 79% of consumers all over the world, with 42% who considers it an absolute priority.

In fact, only in recent years have exploded channels and blogs with tutorials and beauty advice of all kinds. Born from the desire to share an alternative to invasive beauty treatments.

More and more women have started to opt and feel the desire to know and learn rituals and techniques of car care and well -being, to actively take part in the maintenance of the beauty of their face in a natural way, as well as to get into the hands of an expert in Matter of natural treatments and treatments.


The 3 steps for wellness and car care 

with the help of a beauty professional


1. Choose natural face treatments by a professional

Give yourself regularly moments of deep relaxation with personalized beauty and wellness massages and well -being performed by a face professional.

These rituals will dissolve the tensions, regenerating body and mind, and transform your beauty from the inside to the outside.

In addition, the professional knows how to treat specific skin problems and advise you in car care.


2. dedicate time to car care and daily well -being

Face Yoga is an ideal practice for maintaining a stable balance. This discipline includes facial exercises and massages, fasting and relaxation techniques to tone and relax the face muscles.

Face Yoga improves the appearance of the skin, promotes general well -being and increases self -esteem. You can combine face yoga with other car techniques facial treatments such as cuping or gua shak for even better results over time.


3. Choose natural and organic skin care products

The choice and use of natural and organic skin care products, specific for your skin type and needs, is essential to obtain visible results. Choose nourishing, moisturizing and regenerating cosmetics that penetrate deep during the face massage, helping you achieve your beauty goals. 

Authentic beauty requires the choice of sustainable products. A "green" product is the best choice for one's health and protection of our planet.


Are you ready to start your path of well -being and beauty?

The union between daily care, professional treatments and the use of natural products constitutes the path towards natural and lasting beauty.

The choice of facial treatments, rituals and car care techniques and natural skin care products is vast is guaranteed that each person can find and create their own individual path to shine externally and internally.

If you want to start a holistic car care and natural beauty path contact me.

In fact, at my studio studio Fiori di Lino in Rome, I offer a key to authentic and lasting beauty through three essential passages: face treatments, car advice and natural products.


Start your journey to beauty and lasting well -being. Choose your natural path towards authentic beauty!

See you soon.



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