The answer is naturally yes! In fact, facial yoga can help us fight some of the causes of the double chin. Let's see them together.

What are the causes of the double chin?

1. Loss of the muscle tone of the muscles of the sub -chin

The muscles of the under chin, like all the muscles of the human body, over the years tend to lose their tone and strength. This loss of tone determines the unsightly failure of the skin and a worsening of the image of the face and neck, men and women, especially in profile.

2. prolonged maintenance of incorrect postures

The prolonged use of phones, tablets, PC damages, in addition to the eyes, also the aesthetics of the neck and sub -chin. When we look at the electronic devices - but even when we read a book lying in bed - we tend to keep the object of our attention at the bottom and close to the body. This means that we look down, crushing the chin towards the chest and creating wrinkles and folds of the neck and chin.

3. Ingrassation

An incorrect diet can determine an accumulation of fats in the more or less pronounced body. One of the areas of the body in which these fats are deposited is the area of ​​the under chin. An accumulation of fat in this area only increases the double chin, worsening the aesthetic of the face and neck.

How can we intervene with face yoga?

1. By doing toning muscle exercises for the area of ​​the sub chin and neck

In this video available on YouTube I show you some targeted exercises for the toning of the musculature of the sub chin (which includes the digastric muscle and the Miloioideo muscle) and useful exercises to eliminate the double chin. These are 2 simple exercises and 3 massages to perform every day that will take six minutes. At the beginning you will have to do them in front of a mirror, to make sure you practice them correctly, when you have acquired safety you can also carry out them in front of the TV.

2. practicing simple postural exercises

Setting a correct posture permanently will lead us to obtain an automatic and optimal control over time of the position of the shoulders, chest, head, and neck. In fact, teaching the correct position in these parts of the body, it will then be easier for them to keep it automatically. You can therefore get to have an ideal posture and to create a mental reflection that - I through simple postural exercises in time inserted in the face of yoga of the face for the sub chin- makes us pull on the chin, stretch the column, relax our shoulders and open the chest. In the video I proposed on you, At this link, have combined toning exercises with simple postural exercises to be included in your routine.

3. preferring proper nutrition

Preferably eating healthy and natural foods, we avoid the accumulation of fats, we promote a healthy and young aspect of the skin and, among other things, we avoid the formation of the double chin. Healthy foods are vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, legumes, wholemeal pasta and bread, rice cooked in a simple way, for example steam, seasoned with olive oil and a little salt. Proper nutrition does not mean deprivation or renunciation, it means eating healthy foods preferably and, from time to time, less healthy foods but which give us more satisfaction.
So what to do to fight the double chin?
Facial gymnastics, avoid crushing the chin in the chest (when we look at a screen), work on improving posture and the maintenance of the ideal weight.
Everything must be seasoned with constancy, this is in fact the main ingredient when it comes to beauty and well -being.
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See you soon.
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