6 tips to get young skin

Near 30 years of age, the aging process body that involves all fabrics, organs and equipment. The various functions of our body begin to decrease: the view lowers, get fat more easily, you have less daily energy and, since first jumps to the eye, The skin of the face loses tone and elasticity: Rughe increases, the complexion turns off, bags, dark circles and sunscreen make their appearance.

Fighting the signs of the years that pass on our body is not difficult, however, nor impossible. They want us 4 ingredients To keep the skin healthy: I commit, constancy, determination, reliable sourcesIt is therefore recommendable: to follow proper nutrition, physical activity, have a regular sleep, reduce the causes of stress and practice Face yoga.

How to slow down the signs of time on the face

Today theaging it is taken for granted, because it appears natural reach 70, 80 and also 90 years of age. Thus we do not realize the fortune that instead is represented by aging, nor do you remember that, in some areas of the world, unfortunately we do not age. Even in our life areas, until a few decades ago, there was no luck to get old.

If aging is a lucky possibility, then we have the obligation to commit ourselves to age well!

The key to optimal aging is hiding - even - in a positive mindsetAging means Feel the time that passes on our "skin", but also Discover many places, get to know many people, increase the wealth of experiences. Aging means enriching oneself.

So let's get rid of the sleeves and, at least to start well, Let's slow down the signs together that time leaves on the skin of our face (and not only).

6 tips for young and radiant skin:

1. positive mindset

2. Regular exercise and open -air life

3. Proper nutrition and hydration

4. Correct use of creams and moisturizing products

5. Reduction of stress

6. Practice of face yoga

1. Positive mindset. Having a positive mentality helps to face everyday life and its changes efficiently and is essential for Aging well and with styleA positive mindset is immediately reflected on your skin and on your features, making you more radiant/or, relaxed/or e smiling.

2. Regular exercise and outdoor life. Move constantly, walk in the open air and take trips to the mountains improve well -being And the general health of our body and our face. As medical science teaches, doing sports and movement prevents many diseases, strengthens the muscles, improves the skin, metabolism and increases self -esteem: The benefits are reflected on our skin, which will now appear naturally nourished, bright and young. But be careful of exposure to the sun and UV rays.

3. Correct nutrition and hydration. Drinking water and eating well are fundamental actions to keep the skin young and luminous. In particular, a sufficient amount of rich foods in protein (eg fish, eggs, hazelnuts, etc.), in antioxidants (eg berries, walnuts, oats, vegetables, fruit, etc.), in essential fatty acids (eg cod, seed oils, dried fruit, etc.) and rich in C vitamin (eg citrus, strawberries, spinach, etc.), Vitamin D (eg mackerel, tuna, mushrooms, etc.) and Vitamin A (eg whole milk, cheeses, etc.). We are first of all what we drink and eat.

4. Correct use of creams and moisturizing products. In order to maintain a young skin It is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, however it is also essential to use the right products for the hydration of the skin. Cream, oils, serums, tonicEach skin requires one or more specific products. Contact a specialist to receive the best advice.

5. Reduce stress and have a sleep. REGULARThe factors that cause stress and concerns in our daily lives must be identified: once identified, these factors must be managed, fought and removed. A regular rest that respects your needs is also essential.

6. Practice face yoga. A constant routine and targeted facial yoga treatments help a tone the skin, to Reduce wrinkles, to Dispart the features of the face and from improve the complexionIn one concept, practicing facial yoga helps Rejuvenate the skin of the face.

To find out more about Face yoga, participate in one of mine courses, online or in presence. The first session is always free!

I am waiting for you!


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