5 ideas for your home spa

It is now known that practicing regularly self-care rituals It brings numerous health benefits.
Self-Care is all you can do to take care of you and your body: it is taking time to relax, it is learning to recognize what makes you feel better and therefore start doing it.
One of the ways to practice some self-care is Create a spa center in your homeIt is not at all difficult!
Read our menu for a real spa at home!

1. Hot bath

To start, prepare yours bath tub With warm or hot water. When the water reaches the right quantity, add a fun and fragrant bathing bomb. Try the Sephora bath bombs, sold in single packs: they are delicate and fragrant.
Then, while you wait for water to reach the right height ...

2. Hair mask

do a pre-shampoo compress For the well -being of your hair, it is something that will help you make them softer, brighter and more easily combable. You can use your favorite product, or the products that I recommend below. One of the products that I use is theLino seed oil of "I Provenzali": It is a very effective, vegetable product, made in Italy and tested for heavy metals. Another product that I use is the Nourishing mask at the Garnier banana: it is a fun, fragrant and very moisturizing product that leaves the Soft and disciplined hairThey are both products to try!

3. face mask

After taking care of your hair, move on to Wellness of your faceApply one moisturizing mask and leave it on the time indicated on the package. At the end of the application time, Perform a massage To improve the penetration of the product on your skin: you can do as I show you in this videoMy favorite mask is the Balance mask of Vagheggi: It is a delicate and very effective product, which leaves the skin soft and hydrated, respecting it and also respecting the environment in which we live. If you prefer gel or fabric masks, I recommend you those of Kiko: there are soothing, nutrients, anti-fatic and energizing. Choose the one that best suits you, apply it and keep it on - for the time indicated on the package - during your relaxing bathroom.
Now I give you another suggestion (from true beauty addicted!): Try i "Face Massage Globes" by KorikaThese are tools for face massages with numerous benefits for the skin, ranging from toning of the muscles to the relaxation of wrinkles, up to the improvement of lymphatic drainage and the consequent decrease in swelling. You can use them alone at room temperature on oiled skin, but my suggestion is to use them fresh above the gel or fabric mask. If you are interested in this beauty tool, look this video in which I show you how to use the Face Massage Globes! And if you try them, leave me a feedback!
Facial Massage Globes Korika Tools Moisturizing Mask Balance Vagheggi

4. Candela, music, incense

At this point, after applying the hair mask and the face mask, the water of the tub will be ready. Launches the bath bomb in the tank, Turn on a candle and an incense stick (if you like !), Put on a little music And Take the Massage Globes from the refrigerator. Now you are ready: immerse yourself in the tank and, when you feel like it, start massaging your face with the Massage Globes for a few minutes. Then relax and enjoy the bathroomProceed with your routine hygiene and, to conclude, make a deep shampoo to wash the hair mask away. I remind you to always respect the installation times indicated on the packaging of the products you use. You can try the Collistar shampoo line: These are quality, effective, sustainable and produced products in Italy.

5. Massage the body with an oil and a gua shak

At the end of the bathroom, you can Massage the skin of your body With a precious moisturizing and fragrant oil. I recommend a precious and refined oil, Chanel's Huile OrientIt is an incredibly fragrant massage oil, which leaves the skin soft and relaxed.
To end this home spa session, I recommend using a last tool of beauty, whose use implements circulation, favors lymphatic drainage and contributes to reducing the imperfections of cellulite: the Gua shak for the bodyIt is a wooden instrument, which is used to massage the legs, thighs, belly, sides and arms. It is a very useful tool, which allows you to make effective and pleasant home massages, with constancy and regularity. Look this video on its use on Amazon. But when you want to treat you well and you are in Milan, you can make an appointment with Giorgia da Beauty Thu !
Gua shak wood for body massage oil the huile orient chanel

Shower variant

If you don't have a bathtub, you can still create a ritual equivalent for showerBefore entering the shower, put on the music you love, apply the hair mask (point 2), then apply the face mask and proceed with the face of face chosen (point 3). Remove the mask and enter the shower. Here you moisten the skin and apply one body scrub, always massaging gently. My favorite face/body scrub - after a tiring search! - is it My Miami's body face scrub, a biological and vegan company of South Tyrol: it is a delicate and natural product, which purifies and respects the skin leaving it soft and smooth.
Rinse away the scrub and proceed with your routine hygiene (some more advice in point 4). Ends this experience of Home spa relaxing and replying with the massage described in point 5.
I wish you a beautiful moment of self-care with my home spa ideas. Enjoy your relax !
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Thank you.
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