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The Face Yoga Secret

Masterclass by Face Yoga in Milan Joy Moves - November 18, 2023

Masterclass by Face Yoga in Milan Joy Moves - November 18, 2023

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Fa Yoga lesson in presence a Milan


"Tyon the face and reduce the falling skin"



Joy moves, Via Valparaiso 9, solar area, Milan. Link to the headquarters.


Saturday 18 November 2023
12:00 - 13:00

At the Pilates Joy Moves studio we train in small groups, so make sure your place immediately!


Don't you know what face yoga is? Click here To find out.


Face Yoga is an incredibly innovative discipline that will allow you to take care of yoursface, from the posture and yours mindcontinuously and structured.

Constancy Homemade practice will allow you to see FINA results from the first sessions.


Each lesson is dedicated to Face yoga For a super regenerating, toning but at the same time relaxing session.


Here's what we will do together:

- breathing exercises.

- Facial muscle exercises.

- facial automatic.

- Digioprescession.

- relaxation of the facial muscles.

- General relaxation techniques.


What is the purpose of the course:

LL Face Yoga, or Facial Yoga, is a natural and holistic discipline that:

- Tyon the face muscles and pull on the falling skin.

- prevents and attenuates wrinkles and lines of the face and neck.

- illuminates the color of the skin.

- It improves lymphatic circulation and reduces swelling, bags and dark circles.

- Relax the body and mind with breathing.

To whom the course is addressed:

This course is open to all practitioners, women and men of any level of practice.


And remember, the aim of the face yoga course is to make you feel your top, inside and outside.



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Joy Moves contacts

Via Valparaiso 9
20144 Milan Italy
Solari park area
MM2 Sant'Agostino
Tel +39 351 988 8383


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