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The Face Yoga Secret

Gift voucher - Face Yoga Priveè

Gift voucher - Face Yoga Priveè

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With this gift voucher make a Super gift to who you love.

You can choose the gift voucher of the suitable amount to your gift and I will emit a digital voucher with the possible spent options.

With your voucher you can give:

- a one to one coursefacial yogalive online

- A video course on demandfacial yoga

You can give a single meeting or a dating package. One to One courses can take place online or in the presence in Milan (on request).

By practicing face yoga or facial yoga, you work to increase the beauty and well -being of the face and body.

 Here are some examples of how good vouchers can be used.


ON TO ONE course of Face Yoga 70.00 euros: 1 meeting of 45 min. and 1 meeting of 30 min.

ONE TO ONE of Face Yoga 120.00 euros: 1 meeting of 45 min. and 3 meetings of 30 min. each.

During the One to One course, the first meeting will serve to identify the areas of the face and neck on which to work, then I will create the perfect routine to take home to improve the appearance of these areas.

In the One to One sessions, subsequent we will work on personalized techniques with the aim of achieving full autonomy in the practice of the method. In this you will have time to make the techniques an habit until you insert them naturally in the routine of daily beauty.


The techniques will include facial exercises, facial massages and relaxation techniques.

The meetings will take place online on zoom.

In the event that you want to give a package of sessions in the presence in Milan contact me: The sessions in presence have an additional cost that varies from 20 to 50 euros per session, depending on the area required.


Payment note: if you are resident in Italy at the check out please enter your tax code, this will allow me to issue a regular tax invoice.

Terms and conditions: the gift voucher can be used within six months of the purchase.

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