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The Face Yoga Secret

Course on demand face yoga events de-stress class 10

Course on demand face yoga events de-stress class 10

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This 30 -minute video is the recording of the tenth lesson of the face yoga online course on Tuesday evening, namely the "Face Yoga Eveneing De-Stress Class 10".

In this session You will relax your face muscles And you will download the tensions of the day, on the face and neck.

We will practice half an hour of Relaxing and lymphatic drainage facial exercises and facial massages, e breathing techniques relaxing for the face, neck and shoulders, in order to Reduce wrinkles and tone the skin.

The muscle tensions that accumulates on the face during the day are the responsible for the formation of wrinkles on your face. Learning to relax the face musculature is the key to reducing the formation of expression wrinkles (like the horizontal and vertical ones of the forehead).

It is a video recording of 30 minutes to view online every time you want.

This video - to practice when you want - is your moment of well -being that will make you feel beautiful, relaxed, sure of you and shining.

Good face yoga de-stress!

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