CROW'S FEET. What to do to eliminate them

5 facial yoga exercises to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes

The chicken legs Loss of elasticity of the skinWith the passing of the years, in fact, the skin is less and less efficient in the synthesis of elastin and collagen and is increasingly subtle and dehydrated. All this determines the loss of the ability to recover the relaxation, after the creation of expression wrinkles. Therefore, year after year, the signs accumulate and become increasingly evident.

Face yoga  Natural methods and treatments 

7 advice  5 face yoga exercises 

Practical tips to treat the appearance of the skin in the eye area area

specific product  This is what I use.  Collistar's eye area with hyaluronic acid with hyaluronic acid.

Patch for the eye area 

3. Always apply sun protection on the face, 

sunglasses Here are my favorite glasses

5. Drink water 

food choices 

Fa Yoga exercises  This YouTube video

5 facial yoga exercises for the eye area and chicken legs

tie your eyes vibrations 

upper eyelidsPerform the exercise for 10 seconds.

fast blame  External corners of the eyebrowsYou can repeat this exercise twice a day.

thumb fingertips 

Draw three circles 

Five days out of seven  Take a photo  progress 

Serum-in-oil of The Body Shop.

Instagram  YouTube 



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