In summer, face skin needs protection and special care. Let's find out how 5 principles of Face Yoga can prevent and reduce damage to the skin caused by the sun.

Face yoga o Yoga for the face it's a natural method designed for improving the appearance of the skin of the face in all seasons. A complete and constant practice of the method helps to take care of your face, body and mind. The result is a healthier, toned, young skin and the ability to be able to effectively contrast the negative skin effects caused by the summer sun.

Facial yoga is practiced autonomously following the indication of a qualified instructor.

The 5 fundamental principles of Face Yoga

Face yoga is based on the combination of 5 fundamental principles.

1. Facial exercises

2. Facial massages

3. Acupressure

4. Facial relaxation

5. Holistic wellness

1. Facial exercises

These are exercises of muscle toning.  A toned muscle is responsible of a toned and smoother skink, and for a skin that will tend less to the formation of wrinkles.

2. Facial massages

These are two types of massages: deeper, which promote the blood circulation and lighter, which promote the lymphatic circulation.  The result is an increased intake of nutrients, oxygen, collagen and elastin, which determine a healthy, bright, elastic, young and well drained face.

3. Acupressure

It is an ancient western technique that offers benefits to health and beauty, through muscle relaxation and the promotion of blood circulation.

4. Facial relaxation

Learning to relax the face muscles is of fundamental importance to obtain a relaxed face, smooth and open features.

5. Holistic wellness

To feel and appear the best inside and outside of yourself, it is essential that you take care of all aspects of your wellbeing: nutrition, sleep, movement, protection and nourishment of your skin. All factors that are crucial to achieve results in your Face Yoga routine.

How facial yoga helps prevent and reduce the damage to the skin caused by sun exposure

The constant practice of Facial Yoga helps the skin to be more healthy, toned, nourished and with less wrinkles, and a skin in an optimal state of health undergoes the damages caused by exposure to sunlight with less risks.

In order to protect the skin from the action of sunlight, it is essential to combine the right hygiene of the exposure to the sun to Face Yoga.

Summer tips for skin protection

A. Choose the less hot hours to expose yourself to the sun.

B. Use one high solar screen, preferably choosing solar creams dedicated to children or Specific solar creams for the face.

C. Clean the skin with delicate products, such as the Delicate cleansing milk by My Miami.

D. Spread a aftersun cream, after each exposure to the sun.

E. Eating foods rich in vitamins good for the skin, like vitamins D, E, C, which protect and prevent damage and irritation.

F. Remember to drink water and remain hydrated.

G. Nourish and hydrate the skin with healthy and delicate products.

Face yoga

Put these advices and information in practice with discipline, and you will see your skin glow, being able to face summer with an impavid mood and a protected skin.

But do not forget to start Your Face Yoga practice and to keep it constant.

For a good start, train with me. Follow me on Instagram and on YouTube and participate in one of the my live courses, online or in presence.

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